Saturday, May 8, 2010

"The Last Supper" / Iron Chef Part Two - 5.7.10

Six dinners and four months after that fateful night in January when we first opened our (Jared's) doors to both friends and random people, we arrived at our last dinner. Ever.
Jared's graduating and moving to Atlanta; Luke's going abroad to Morocco and then coming back and maybe starting a new dinner series in the spring in a new house with a new co-chef.
Either way, Dinners at 76 as you know it is, sadly, gone.
Since the internet never dies, this blog will live on as a testament to delicious dinners, new friends, and seriously great times. The two of us grew unbelievably as cooks, as hosts, and as pals and are so happy to have had the chance to share our food with so many of you. In the coming weeks we will make more of the recipes from past dinners available, but feel free to e-mail us if there's any recipe you want that isn't there. Or just to say hi.

Anyways, gushy stuff aside, here are the photos from "The Last Supper". As always, click on them for a much bigger food-porn-esque closeup.


Chipotles in adobo
Peanuts (or Seaweed)
Dark chocolate

Pomegranate-hibiscus martinis with bitter chocolate shavings


Avocado-basil gazpacho* with fresh mozzarella, fresh fava beans, and nigella seeds




*traditional Spanish "white gazpacho" is made with a base of bread and almonds. we used almond milk as the base for this, so it's sort of a take on white gazpacho. let's call it 'puke-green gazpacho.' the avocado oxidized :(

Cashew-crusted avocado maki with homemade chipotle-in-adobo aioli.
Red beet and cilantro fresh roll with fig-pomegranate horseradish sauce.


Homemade chickpea burger with mole, guacamole, fried farm egg, plantain fries, and Negra Modelo



Beet salad sundae: Red beet ice cream (L) , golden beet ice cream (R), basil ice cream (TOP), and candied balsamic almonds


Happy Guests. They applauded when we introduced the burger course. That's lipstick on Jared's cheek.

Photos courtesy of Catherine Nakajima.

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  1. Luke: I hope you saved me some mole! Everything looks great.