Sunday, March 7, 2010

3.06.10 -- Italian

Click on pictures for closeups, and names to jump to the recipe.

Homemade crostini with rosemary-grape jam


Radicchio, arugula, wine-soaked raisins, almonds, ricotta salata, sherry-balsamic vinaigrette


Baked stuffed lemons & chive arancini with chili-infused olive oil


Homemade beet & ricotta ravioli with swiss chard pesto


Homemade dark nutella and caramelized banana panini. Shot of espresso-amaretto milkshake.


Before the salad course, Luke briefly died, appeared in the dining room to serve the salad as a ghost, then came back to life and continued the dinner as a living, breathing, human. This stunning photograph captures that part of the dinner. Look closely.

The evening's guests with the chefs

Photos courtesy of Catherine Nakajima and Shaheen Lavie-Rouse.

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