Monday, March 8, 2010

Next Dinner: "Iron Chef"

For our next dinner, on Saturday April 3rd, we've decided to go in a new direction. We're abandoning the cultural theme and doing a sort of quasi-"Iron Chef" theme. What does this mean for you? You, the diners, will, along with your reservation, e-mail us ONE ingredient* that you want us to use in the dinner. And we will incorporate it in a creative and hopefully (definitely) delicious way. We are now accepting TEN reservations per dinner, so this means we'll have TEN random ingredients to work with. Plus whatever else we get to keep them company. So...make your reservation today! It'll fill up quickly!

*Nothing too weird, too expensive, or meat-based. Please. If you think your ingredient might be one of these things you can send one safer bet.

Dear Jared and Luke,
My name is J****n L***h and I love to eat white truffles. I could eat them by the pound. I would like to reserve a spot at your Iron Chef dinner and my ingredient is white truffles. As a backup, my second favorite thing to eat is shark fin. Bye now.

Dear Mr. L***h,
You may not attend our dinner.

Jared and Luke


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