Sunday, March 14, 2010

3.13.10 -- Indian

(click on pictures for great close-ups and on the underlined names to jump to the recipe)

Chili-garlic naan with cucumber raita


Curried deviled eggplants

hard-boiled egg filled with curried eggplant & topped with poppy seeds.
thai & indian eggplants hollowed, roasted, and filled with curried egg yolk, topped with brown mustard seeds.


Coconut soup
with fresh turmeric, ground pistachios, and cilantro


Coriander-chickpea pancakes with tamarind-date syrup. Fenugreek homefries with ginger ketchup.


Homemade cardamom ice cream, garam masala blondie, caramel peanuts, mango-turmeric coulis.


Guests (minus one), hosts

Photographs courtesy of Quin Childs.
Special thanks to Vanya for her post-dinner assistance.

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